Solber - Production of anatomic insoles for footwear and shoes

Plantari anatomici per calzature
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Anatomic insoles for shoes and footwear
Technical thermoformed articles and accessories

Italian Plantari Solber
  Solber S.n.c. - Produzione plantari anatomici   Company

SOLBER is founded on Mr. Bertollo's 40 years of experience in the sector of technical articles for men's women's and children's footwear. As part of an ongoing process of improvement, Solber specialises in the production of thermoformed technical articles: arch-supports, heel pads, inserts, wedges and other technical details using a wide range of thermoformable materials coupled with diverse types of fabric and leather.

In constant contact with footwear manufacturers' models, Solber is always researching innovative materials to create new products with increasingly improved features that ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting quality.

Over the years Solber has become quite convinced that 'walking well' is essential for the well-being of the whole body, and has built its own entrepreneurial idea and company mission on this principle. Because the desire to keep growing is also manifested in an entrepreneurial strategy distinguished by flexibility, expertise and reliability aimed at improving production standards and customer service.

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